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Reminder: Your Vote Matters

With November 3 around the corner, we’ve outlined resources to help you plan your election day experience.


Find a place to vote.


If you’re voting in person, use Vote.org’s polling place locator to find a convenient place for you to cast your vote.


Consider voting early.


Did you know you can vote in-person in most states before Tuesday, November 3? Beat the lines and head to the polls early. Dates and times vary by state, so double-check what your state offers on Vote.org’s Early Voting by State chart.


Don’t forget to bring your ID.

Two-thirds of states require voters to have a state issued ID to vote. We recommend viewing the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Voter Identification Laws chart to make sure you bring all of the necessary identification with you to the polls.


Brush up on your ballot knowledge.


Voting for whom you’d like to be president isn’t the only issue on this year’s ballot. Take time to educate yourself on your state and local ballot measures. From amendments, to issues, to propositions, to government officials, researching what and who you are voting for will make you feel informed and empowered that you’re voting for the things that align with your views. We recommend searching “(your county) ballot 2020” to find educational resources specific to your county of residence.


See how COVID-19 is impacting your state’s in-person voting.


Use Rock the Vote’s COVID-19 Voting Information page to make sure you’re up-to-date on what your in-person experience will be like at the polls. Also, remember to bring your mask.


Remember: your vote matters. Let’s all go to the polls and vote this November.



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