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Podcasts to Help you Meet Your Financial Goals

While many of us enjoy getting lost in conversation with our friends or loved ones, those life-giving, “wow, where has the time gone?” conversations don’t often involve discussions about personal finance. Realistically, your crew may never want to meet up for drinks and discussion of this quarter’s 401 (k) retirement plan statements. But wouldn’t it be helpful if they did? That’s where personal finance podcasts come in, giving life to what has traditionally been a dry, uninteresting topic.


There are tons of great financial resources out there, but the sheer volume of options can be a bit daunting. We’ve identified five main categories that might be of interest to you, and selected our top two podcasts for each area. Whether you are looking for answers to a specific question, like how to pay off debt and start investing, or wanting to understand how financial current events impact your life, these resources can equip you to reach your financial goals.



If you want to get out of debt and manage your money well:


The Dave Ramsey Show


Dave Ramsey is known for his popular debt payoff method, The 7 Baby Steps. His podcast attracts millions of listeners weekly and is a snippet of his nationally syndicated radio show. 


The show is known for the debt-free screams that guests make to celebrate their newfound financial freedom, and Dave’s no-nonsense approach to helping listeners get out of debt. He focuses on student loan debt, paying off your mortgage early and saving aggressively for the future.


So Money with Farnoosh Torabi


“So Money with Farnoosh Torabi” has won awards for “Best Female-Hosted Podcast” by Entrepreneur magazine and “Best Podcast to Grow Your Business” by Inc. magazine. Torabi, a leading personal finance expert, author and television personality, gives a comprehensive overview of money matters, with topics ranging from debt and money management (like paying off credit cards and managing money in a relationship) to starting and growing a business. These candid conversations about money will give you a solid foundation for money management.


To better understand current events and how they might impact your wallet:


The Stacking Benjamins Show


Personal finance can be a heavy topic, but “The Stacking Benjamins Show” lightens the mood by mixing in a bit of humor. The show features a headline segment that unpacks how current events can affect you and your finances and an interview with an expert designed to help you increase your financial literacy. If you like a blend of finance-related news and interviews with personal finance experts, “The Stacking Benjamins Show” deserves a listen.


Planet Money


How well do you understand the economy? Few can explain the fundamentals of money like NPR’s “Planet Money” podcast. With a fun and engaging format, listeners learn about the implications of financial news and current events and gain wisdom from narrative stories and expert dialogue.


If you’re ready to start saving for retirement, or want to make your money work for you:


Millennial Investing


This podcast covers investment basics relevant for people up to their late 30s, covering a range of topics from personal finance to stock market investing and real estate, host Robert Leonard interviews experts and helps listeners digest the information in an approachable way that highlights his passion for the topic.


Money for the Rest of Us


Think of this podcast as class for the beginning investor. “Money for the Rest of Us” host David Stein, a former chief investment strategist, created this podcast for people who want to learn more about the basic concepts of investing. He combines academic research and personal stories to demonstrate how listeners can achieve their financial goals. If you want a crash course on how money works, and how to live without worrying about it, this might be the podcast for you.


For some extra help navigating financial issues with your significant other:


 The His & Her Money Show


Married couple Talaat and Tai McNeely are money and marriage experts who teach listeners how to crush their financial #couplegoals. If you’re not a couple, you can still learn from the hosts, who regularly feature everyday people who have paid off significant amounts of debt while gaining a new debt-free lifestyle. The couple leans on their personal experience of paying off their mortgage 25 years early, and shares how others can also become debt-free.


Couple Money


Elle Martinez talks with real-life couples and financial experts about the best ways to manage money together. She interviews couples who have overcome financial obstacles like overcoming financial infidelity, paying off six figures of debt, and starting a business together. The episodes cover financial topics like accelerated debt payoff,  the do’s and don’ts of loaning money to family members, and achieving financial independence.


These podcasts focus on engaging a female audience, and have advice specific to women’s financial needs:


HerMoney with Jean Chatzky


Personal finance journalist, bestselling author and creator of the weekly newsletter, This Week in Your Wallet, Jean Chatzky talks to women about life and all things money. The CEO and co-founder of HerMoney covers topics that include career building, financial planning, entrepreneurship and wellness.


The Clever Girls Know Podcast


“The Clever Girls Know Podcast” is the brainchild of Bola Sokunbi. While single, she saved over $100,000 in three years, all on a $54,000 salary. She’s taken the money lessons she learned and turned them into Clever Girl Finance. The podcast, designed specifically for women, focuses on saving, budgeting and all things money.  


Whether you subscribe to one of these and listen on a regular basis, or look through the archives of several of them in order to find specific info you are looking for, we are confident that these podcasts can help increase your financial savvy. And who knows, maybe you can have that 401 (k) conversation with your buddies after all.




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