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Refer a Friend, Earn $50

If you love Porte, don’t keep it to yourself. Tell your friends and start earning up to $500.1 Share your custom referral link today and be on your way to getting $50 for you and a friend.

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Porte Banking Refer a Friend Program

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The more friends you refer, the more money you earn.

Who doesn’t love to earn a little extra? It pays to have friends with benefits. Earn up to $500 when you refer friends, and they open a new Porte account with a qualifying direct deposit. A qualifying direct deposit counts as a deposit made from their payroll or government benefits by an employer or payer. New and current Porte users can earn when referring friends.

Here’s How to Get $50

Referring a friend takes only a few minutes. Share your unique referral link with them from within the Porte app.2 Then, your friend opens a Porte Account using your link. When they receive their qualifying direct deposit, you both get paid! It's that easy.

  • Share your referral link

    Find this in the mobile app along with other account info.

  • Your friend opens an account with Porte

    They must use your referral link and receive a qualifying direct deposit of $500 or more.

  • Cha-ching!

    You both get $50 added to your Porte accounts.

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Sharing is Caring

Earn even more when you refer more friends. You can share with more than one friend and earn up to $500.

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